The Palazzo: Win and Lose in Vegas Style

the palazzo hotel las vegas

0315161615The Palazzo
3325 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 607-7777

When visiting Las Vegas you literally have hundreds of options when it comes to lodging. From ultra-cheap to uber-expensive, there’s a hotel for everyone’s budget and taste.

I’ll be honest, I often select my Vegas hotel based on value. I’d rather stay somewhere a little less expensive, but on Strip, and have a little more money to play with at the poker tables. This trip, though, I had the pleasure of staying at a hotel a little more upscale than the ones I typically choose when visiting the land of slot machines and showgirls.

palazzo lobby Acqua di Cristallo

The Palazzo butterfliesFrom the moment you enter The Palazzo lobby, you know the focus is on luxury. Rising up from the center of the lobby, the two-story “Acqua di Cristallo” water sculpture greets guests with fluid elegance and a welcoming glow. This amazing piece of art is aptly named, as it’s translation is “crystal water.” It’s just one of the several areas of sculptures found gracing the common areas of The Palazzo and its connecting spaces to its sister hotel, The Venetian.

The staff, as expected, are efficient and polite. However, as an added bonus, there’s a welcoming warmness and helpfulness about their demeanor, as opposed to the cold professionalism sometimes found in high-end hotels. Between the lobby statue and the front desk staff, I was immediately impressed!

Of course, when I arrive at my room, I was also very happy.

Palazzo suite

The suite is beyond spacious. Not only is there a generous sleeping area, with more than enough room around the king-sized bed to include an extra chair, bench at the foot of the bed, two nightstands and full dresser, but there’s an equally-sized living room type area. This sitting area goes beyond the typical small sleeper sofas you’d find in a traditional hotel. Instead, The Palazzo offers a large sectional sofa, to comfortably seat you and five of your closest friends. Of course, if you’ve picked up a few extra friends along the Strip, there’s also a table in the area, with four more chairs, and a full-sized desk and desk chair.

Did I say beyond spacious?!

And then there’s the bathroom. Oh my!

Palazzo bathroom

Double sinks? Yes!

Separate toilet area? Oh yeah!

Dressing table with lighted magnifying mirror and comfy seat? You better believe it!

Multi-shower headed, huge shower? You betcha!!

Truly luxurious!!

So, you’d think that after reading all of these amazing things about The Palazzo, I’d be giving this hotel 5 stars? And, if it were just a hotel, I totally would. However, this is Vegas, and what is Vegas without gambling?

This is where the Palazzo stumbles a bit — their casino.

Palazzo casino

Don’t get me wrong, like the rest of the hotel, the gaming areas are gorgeous. Tables are well-spaced, to feel full, but not crowded. It would be perfect except for…

… the smoke.

I know smoking in public places is legal in Las Vegas. Yet, the casino of The Palazzo has such incredibly poor air circulation that even walking through the gaming area to go from the room elevators to the lobby to exit the hotel means spending several minutes surrounded by carcinogens. In that short period of time, my clothes and hair absolutely reeked of cigarettes. Even sitting at a blackjack table where no one was smoking at my table or the table next to us, I still ended up smelling like I’d sucked down two packs that day.

If it weren’t for that one thing, The Palazzo would be my new favorite Vegas hotel.


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