Quick & Simple Review: Randall Roadhouse Bar & Grill

randall roadhouse bar and grill exterior

Our “quick & simple” reviews are meant to offer some of the most basic review information, to help you decide if this is where you want to go out to eat. Quick and simple. As always, we welcome comments from our readers, especially if you’ve visited an establishment we’ve reviewed recently!

Bon appetit!

Randall Roadhouse Bar & Grill
2267 Randall Rd
Carpentersville, IL 60110
(847) 836-3300

We ventured over to the Randall Roadhouse after driving past it, on our way home from a trip to the testosterone-filled Home Depot. A quick pull up of some info on the restaurant, and a very high (4.3) Google star rating, and we were sold. Let’s stop!

Interior Review – Randall Roadhouse Bar & Grill

The interior of Randall Roadhouse is a cross between Buffalo Wild Wings and Bass Pro Shops. TVs surrounding the large, open space, all playing a variety of sports, is intermixed between “hunting trophies” hanging on the wall and adorable duck lights along one edging of seating. There were some pretty impressive heads hanging – including a HUGE elk – but it definitely was an interesting mix.

randall roadhouse bar and grill

Menu Review – Randall Roadhouse Bar & Grill

The menu was EXTENSIVE. Although the official name of the restaurant is “bar and grill,” on their outdoor signage “pizza” is also prominently displayed. So, this huge, multi-page menu feature everything from hamburgers, sandwiches, steaks, and fish fry, to pizzas, calzones, and a wide selection of pasta dishes. It was a bit overwhelming, to be honest. However, as it was Friday, and they had a fish fry special, that made it pretty easy for my husband. After talking to the waitress, and ensuring they were able to cook hamburgers to order, I decided to go with the BBQ Burger.

randall roadhouse bar and grill 2

Pricing Review – Randall Roadhouse Bar & Grill

The pricing at Randall Roadhouse was pretty average for the area, for this type of food. The fish fry special was $13.95 and my burger was $9.95. I enjoyed a “Roadhouse Sweet Tea” (sweet tea, vodka & lemonade) and Grant enjoyed a microbrew and a 1/2-order of potato skins to start, and our total bill was under $40. That’s a pretty average dinner out, in this area, with drinks for two.

Food Review – Randall Roadhouse Bar & Grill

The portions were HUGE!!!

The 1/2-order of potato skins were literally 3 halves of ginormous baking potatoes. These aren’t the little scooped out potato skins you get at some chain restaurants. Each was about 6 inches long, and they were topped with a large amount of bacon and cheddar. Definitely very tasty! And, as they were a Friday special ($4.00), well worth the money!

The fish fry, which was labeled as “all-you-can-eat” had 4 giant pieces of fish, a large heaping of coleslaw, and a mound of fries. I don’t know anyone who could have asked for a second helping – it was that big! My burger too was very large! A 1/2-pound burger, with a couple strips of bacon, barbecue sauce and slice of cheddar.

However, the quality of the fish fry and burger were simply OK.  Not bad. But, just OK.

Despite ordering my burger medium — it was, as too often happens — cooked well-done. Add to this that it was obviously a pre-formed patty, and it made the burger a little dry and tough. I also didn’t really care for the barbecue sauce used, which is odd, because I don’t recall ever disliking a barbecue sauce before. The onion rings I got on the side were room temperature and a little greasy – making me believe they were likely sitting for quite awhile before they landed on my table.

Conclusion – Randall Roadhouse Bar & Grill

neutral smiley faceAll-in-all, Randall Roadhouse wasn’t a bad place – it just definitely wasn’t a “WOW!” place. If you’re looking for a lot of mediocre quality food, with decent customer service — head over there. However, with so many other restaurants in the nearby area, I know we won’t be back.



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