Top 10 Bucket List Travel Destinations

bucket list travel destinations

We’ve explored places from all over the world, here on Best Travel Destinations. China, Peru, Iceland, Paris, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, the Florida Keys… the list goes on and on! And, we have LOTS more reviews coming!!

However, there are even more places where we WANT to go!

Let’s look at our countdown of our Top 10 Bucket List Travel Destinations that hopefully someday will be featured here on BTD!

10. Attrap Rêves, France

With four locations, nestled in the French countryside, Attrap Rêves (which translates to dream catcher) would make our list of places to visit on location alone. However, it’s the unique lodging that makes this a top 10 bucket list destination! Attrap Rêves features bubble rooms!! Yes, individual rooms in transparent (or partially transparent for those wanting a bit more privacy) bubbles! It’s got to be like sleeping outside — but with no bugs! Oh yeah! I’m in!

attrap reves france




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